Massage Therapy for Toothache

Dental caries and fatigue cause the toothache. Fatigue cause the nerve exciting and the never become sensitive, so toothache turn up. Massage point is very effective to toothache because of fatigue. Massage point can alleviative treatment the Dental caries, but you must see a doctor.

Massage Therapy

Step Si Bai Point

Below the pupil about one finger's breadth, in a depression at the infraorbital foramen. Make an effort a little bit to Massage it by forefinger for 1-3 minutes.

Massage Therapy

StepMassage Therapy Di Cang Point

Directly below the pupil, lateral to the corner of the mouth. Massage it like draw a circle slowly by middle finger or first finger.

Massage Therapy

StepMassage Therapy Yi Feng Point

The crater for back of the earlobe. At the ear, in the depression between the mastoid process and the mandible, behind the earlobe. Massage it by forefinger for 1-3 minutes.